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Principals U & I Products Proudly Represent

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Concast, Inc.
-- in KY, IN
-- Fibercrete Trenching for substations and industry

Bally Modular Buildings
Bally Buildings
-- in KY, OH, IN, WV and most other parts of the U.S.
-- Control Buildings, Insulated Modular

EnerSys Batteries
EnerSys Batteries -- in KY, IN, OH
-- Flooded Cell, Sealed (Valve Regulated), NiCad, Chargers

G&W Electric Company, Inc.
G&W Electric Co.
-- in IN, KY, MI & OH
--Reclosers, 3 ph with 1 ph Tripping Capability
--Padmount, Overhead, & Vault Switchgear
--Automation Products
--Automation and Wind Energy Solutions
--Padmount Switches
--Vault Distribution solutions
--Current Limiting System Protection Devices
--Cable Joints & Cable Terminations
--High Current Limiting System Protection Devices
--Junction Bars
--Cable Accessories

  Hico Transformers
Power Transformers & Breakers-- in KY, IN, OH
-- Large Power Transformers up to 765 KV
--345 KV& 138 KV SF6 Dead Tank Circuit Breakers
--Up to 800 KV Gas Insulated Switchgear

Myers Power Products
Myers Controlled Power-- in KY, OH, IN, MI
-- Low Voltage Switchgear
--5kV - 38kV Metal Clad Switchgear
--5kV - 38kV Metal Enclosed Switchgear
--DC Switchgear
-- Load Interrupter Switches
--Integrated Unit Substations
--Portable Substations
--Power Distribution Centers
-- Medium Voltage Motor Control
--Bus Duct
--Switch Boards & Panes Boards
--Emergency Lighting Systems
--Metered Service Pedestals
--Telecom Products
-- Rectifiers
--Cable Products

Newell Porcelain Co., Inc.
Newell Porcelain Co.
-- in KY, IN, MI, OH
-- Newell Insulator Products for Station Post, Transmission,
      Distribution, and Switch Applications

Niagara - Power Transformers
Niagara Transformer
Power Transformers-- in KY, IN, MI, OH
-- Transformers, Medium Power Standard & Custom Designed
Liquid-filled, Dry-Type, & Ni-Cast Cast Coil
(up to 40 MV)

Schweitzer Engineering Labs Protection & Automation
Schweitzer Engineering Labs
-- in KY, OH, WV & parts of IN
Systems, Services, and Products for the Control, Protection, and Automation of Utility and Industrial Electric Power Systems Worldwide
-- Microprocessor-based Relays
-- Relay Panels/Buildings
-- Engineering Services
-- World Class Supplier of Substation Automation Products
-- Networking & Cybersecurity
-- Watthour Meters
-- Line Fault Indicators and Sensors

SEI Power
-- in KY, OH
-- DC UPS Products
-- Criticat Power Systems
-- Custom Configurations/Customer-Premises
-- Wall or Rack Mount UPS
-- All products Made in the USA

Vanguard Testing Instruments
Vanguard Test Equipment
-- in KY, IN, OH
-- Single & three-phase Transformer Turns-Ratio Testers
-- Circuit Breaker Analyzers
-- Insulation Resistance Testers (Meggers)
-- Low Resistance Test Meters (Micro-Ohmeters, Ductors)

ZTT Cable
ZTT Cable
-- in KY, IN, MI, OH
-- Fiber Optic
-- Overhead Transmission Cable
-- Submarine cable systems
-- RF cable systems
-- Premise cable

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