U&I Products, Inc.

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Main Office:
P.O. Box 1000
Burlington, KY 41005
Phone: (888) 520-6231
Fax: (866) 862-3790

Telecom Products

Fiber Optic Cable
Overhead Transmission Cable
RF Cable Systems
Submarine Cable Systems
Premise cabling

-- ZTT Cable -- in KY, IN, MI, OH

Insulated modular Control Buildings
-- Bally Buildings -- in KY, OH, IN, WV and most other parts of the U.S.

Fibercrete Trenching Systems
-- Concast -- in KY, IN

Custom Enclosures
Custom-built Enclosures

-- VFP -- in KY, OH, IN, MI, So. IL, E. MO

Watthour Meters, Microprocessor-based--Cutting Edge Technology
World Class Supplier of Automation Products
-- Schweitzer Engineering Labs-- in KY, OH, Part of IN, WV, VA